Painkiller's Scrim Server Information

The address for my scrim server is:

The rcon password is: painscrim12

Standard commands:
rcon_password painscrim12 - this is required whenever you connect to the server (so will need to be re-entered if you reconnect)
rcon exec pregame.cfg - this will load the pregame settings like before the official gameplay. Good for getting to know the map, etc.
rcon exec cevo.cfg - this is the standard CEVO configuration settings; please execute this prior to LO3.
rcon exec cevo_ot.cfg - this is the standard CEVO overtime configuration settings; again execute prior to overtime.
rcon zb_lo3 - notice there is no exec or .cfg extension; this will start the three restarts to begin the match.

Please remember to proceed all commands with rcon or it will not execute.
If the server is slow or you messed it up, please use: rcon quit - this will restart the server to defaults.
Remember even if you're starting a match on the default map (dust2), please execute a changelevel to ensure that sv_pure 2 is active.
Please do not link non-SRQ folks to this page. This is not a public scrim server. Giving people a link to the server is sufficient. I do not want everyone knowing the rcon password.
If you have questions, send me a message on Steam. If I'm not on Steam, please contact ViperSniper or Fetus.
If the server is out-of-date (AKA Steam update), please send an email to Restart[at]spamex[dot]com; any other subject matter will be ignored.